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Multi Services

The Swiss Drone Association aim at providing their clients and members a wide range of services.


Drone Business

We offer businesses advices on the best way to use the Drone technology and its possible application.


Drone Technology

We advise our clients and members about technical solutions and solving issues they can encounter.



Members and guests gather to network and talk about our common passion, demo flight are usually organized.

Members' Drones Gallery:

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  • Product image
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Our Services

  • Drone usage promotion
  • Drone technology consulting
  • Drone business consulting
  • Drone event organizer
  • Government advisory
  • Lobbying solutions
  • Non profit drone mission
  • Drone legal advisory
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"The Swiss Drone Association has among its members great people from the more technical oriented to the most passionate ones. Their events gather great Drones fans from all around Switzerland. It's always a pleasure to also work and get advices on the drone industry on a daily basis."
- Charlie ND (CEO, Drone With Me SARL)
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